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Pakshipathalam-10 kms from Thirunelly and is situated 1740 mtr above the sea level. Rare species of birds can be sighted from the watch tower of this bird sanctuary. The deep caves found here are home to a wide variety of birds, animals and distinctive species of plants. The journey involves an arduous 7 km trek through thick forest commencing at ThirunellyLocated deep within the forest in the Brahmagiri hills at an altitude of more than 1700 mtrs, Pakshipathalam is a formation of large boulders, some as tall as two storey buildings.PAKSHIPATHALAM is 33.6 Kms away from Golden Hills wayanad homestay


Three caves are located at a height of 1000 mts on Ambukuthi mala near Ambalavayal. The new stone age pictorial writings on the walls of these natural caves at Edakkal are the evidence of the civilizations that existed in the regions in the pre-historic times. The caves can be accessed only by a 1 Km trekking trail from Edakkal. An interesting trek up the Ambukuthi Hill near Ambalavayal town takes you to the fascinating neolithic cave site of Edakkal. Etchings found on the walls of these caves have drawn the serious attention of archaeologists and historians worldwide. EDAKKAL CAVES is 37.2 Kms Away from Golden Hills Wayanad Homestay


The memorial of The Lion of Kerala Veera Pazhassi Raja, who organised the guerilla warfare against the British East India Company, is situated at Mananthavady Pazhassi Raja's' Tomb.Pazhassi Raja, a scion of the Kottayam royal family was one of the earliest to strike the banner of revolt against British overlordship in this part of India. PAZHASSI TOMB is 9.4 Kms away from Golden Hills Wayanad Homestay


As the name indicates, Sunrise Valley is a great place to watch the rising and setting sun set amidst dramatic mountain scenery. The place also offers a panoramic view of the valley beneath with the River Chaliyar meandering along. SUNRISE VALLEY is 47.1 Kms away from Golden Hills Wayanad Homestay


Excavations at various points around the foot of the Ambukuthi Hill have unearthed a distinctive series of ancient burail vaults commonly called Muniyaras. Remnants of Stone Age tools and pottery found within these cellars are displayed at the Wayanad Heritage Museum.Is 37.2 Kms away from Golden Hills wayanad Homestay


Located in the town of Ambalavayal. This Museum is home to an interesting collection of artifacts that shed light on the history, culture and heritage of Wayanad region.The museum has a fine collection of 14th - 16th century sculptures, tribal artifacts, which include jewels, hunting and fishing weapons, farming implements etc..AMBALAVAYAL HERITAGE MUSEUM is 35.2 Kms away from Golden Hills Wayanad Homestay